What is Syntropia?

Syntropia is an isometric adventure game with elements of stealth, in which you play as Elly, a teenage girl who needs to survive in a hostile environment of post-apocalyptic Earth. You will have a chance to see her development from a scared, lost child to a self-reliant, badass grown-up, who’s not afraid to take morally challenging decisions.


Experience immersive dark future world and play the role of a young girl unconsciously involved with shady mafia deals.

Witness transition of innocent Elly who’s forced to push her boundaries and becomes a determined, independent individual. Make your way through the dark, narrow streets of hostile Slums.

Challenge your friendships and work together with your enemies.


“Syntropia” is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where almost all mankind left the severely devastated Earth.

There is only one city left and it is located somewhere on the continent once called Europe.

It is protected from radioactive, biological and atmospheric post-war pollution by a gigantic dome.

The story takes place in a slum area underneath the so-called “Upper City”, which is ruled by full citizens.

Each slum dweller dreams about running away from the planet and going to one of the many human colonies in space.


You take the role of Elly, whose father, right at the beginning of the story, gets killed at the hands of a criminal organisation called Quadra.

The girl is in shock when she finds out that her father made a deal behind her back and sold her to one of the many brothels in Slums.

She’s looked for by Quadra’s thugs and she keeps searching for a way to leave Slums and the planet, but soon she will find out that the truth is way more complicated than she thought.

Game features

The game combines classic aspects of an isometric adventure game with elements of stealth, survival and action.

  • Gather resources vital for protagonist’s survival.
  • Complete challenging quests that allow for number of outcomes depending on Player’s choices.
  • Explore the cyberpunk world of slums, which is a degenerated district of the last existing city on the dying Earth.

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