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Красный и Синий человечки (Fireboy Watergirl forest temple) – Мультик игра для детей

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Полное прохождение игры #Fireboy and #Watergirl in the #forest temple. Проходим вместе с дочей. Очень #весело!)

On top of the game Fire and water

Game series of fire water boys and girls is one of the most popular games for children of various online games and Flash games. Series, you can count on the sixth game in the series, including soon in five games, 6 series of fire and water, and has won numerous awards and prizes for the best game.
WaterGirl Fireboy, always trying to get out of them, you find yourself each time you mysterious temple. In order to avoid them, in order to solve the puzzle, you need to interact with each other. You play alone, you can move a character at a time, you can try to move together at the same time. So that each of them plays a different character, however, it’s much more fun to play this game with friends or siblings. Some people are confused, the game was referred to as a water carrier and water, Luci and children and children from the fire).
Boys and girls of each temple is made, there is a need to move between fire and water, you, because you should know that immune Fireboy launch of this, he leaves the boiling lava pool Although he was free, you should be careful to enter the water. Resistant to WaterGirl puddles when stepping into the lava, it hurts. Both charachters, you should be aware of the other pools on the road (green or black). On each screen, the goal is to get to the next room in the temple to the door that will lead you. Fireboy this girl water If you do not have to go to the door marked in red, you will need to find their way to the door marked with a blue sign. On their way, both characters, you need to collect the diamonds that have the same color as themselves. Stage, a diamond is a girl, and the boy has to collect the green diamond brand. Get faster and more you have of each screen door, the higher score you will score.

In order to find a solution to every screen, click the field and bricks to help to move the lift and switches, you need to take a button to call the elevator. Temple Fire and Water Light guide them to the light sensor, so through the prism or mirror to be able to change the doors and various components on the screen, it can be adjusted by means of a light beam. In the temple the ice, the laser beam is able to break the ice and frozen puddle, because the freeze ray, you can cross. However, you can not go on the ice WaterGirl temple when walking on ice, please be careful. Fire, as they walked slowly across the ice and the water girl GOS will move immediately. In the temple of the crystal, the two characters just walk through the door, you can teleport himself from one chip to another door. In order to know the door lead, it is important to note the color of the crystal. I wonder what will happen to the children in this adventure game Fire and Water 6.

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