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$1 vs $1000 FOOTBALL

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Which football is the best?
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  1. Did you mean 79p football vs £792.02 football?

  2. I was about to point out the shot at 1:53 then I see the comments 😂

  3. now i wanna see England – Denmark with u Mini

  4. Make the Lether 30s Ball wet then the Ball is heavy and wat different

  5. That last Prada ball looks soo great to be seen when someone kicks it

  6. that furthest back camera man needs to stop shaking bro i can barely see what's happening

  7. 2:00 bro there is no way that was the same shot in between those different angles I don't believe it, loved the vid anyway 😀

  8. Love you Simon but the camera work in this vid is absolutely horrendous mate.
    So much camera shaking for no reason, almost had a seizure

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