Beatophone Meme// Fireboy and Watergirl// Gacha Club -

Beatophone Meme// Fireboy and Watergirl// Gacha Club

MazeNation :3
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If you know where these two characters are based from you had an amazing childhood 😌✨

In all seriousness, I really like this meme, and it took forever to export out of Alight Motion so I hope you like it.

Apps Used: Kinemaster Premium, Alight Motion, Gacha Club, Ibis Paint X

Time Taken: 3 days (counting breaks)

Credits to @CalvinTuber 15000 for Fireboy

Inspiration: GalaxyIsOk

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  1. i remember this game when i was little, i used to play solo because i had no one to play with and my sister kept dying in the acid
    man i miss flash so much that i remember playing on frev everyday
    (if u don't know what frev is, it is a site for flash games.)

  2. not even flash games are safe anymore, gacha is getting too powerful.

  3. I didn’t know this existed but BOY AM I GLAD IT DOES-

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