COOLMATH GAMES STREAM 😳 #coolmathgames #twitch #streamer -

COOLMATH GAMES STREAM 😳 #coolmathgames #twitch #streamer

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Streaming it here!!

Coolmath games is an ICONIC site for anyone growing up in the online era – with games like Fireboy and Watergirl, Papa’s pizzeria and more being staples of… failing your highschool computer science class. Well, I never played it back in the day – until now. Things are gonna get wild – maybe I should just stick to Minecraft and FNAF…


  1. Also if you want to play the papa series (papa pizzaria, burgeria, freezeria etc.) Make a separate stream for it cuz you won't stop playing, it was my addiction as a kid
    Also I remember there were 3 papa loi adventure games? I don't remember much but you basically have to fight food monsters and rescue customers it was SO fun😄

  2. Definitely run 3 and firebox and watergirl

  3. I'm gonna go ahead and recommend Little Wheel, R.I.F.T, Free Ice Cream, Slime Laboratory and Doeo. Thanx!

  4. Cool math passing the vibe check fr 🫡 if you know and have played cool math, your a real one

  5. IQ ball, papa’s freezaria, firebiy and watergirl forest temple and especially jelly daddy are my favs

  6. please play bob the robber and all the duck life games!!

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