Crashing #general: A Genlore Musical - Crash for a Day -

Crashing #general: A Genlore Musical – Crash for a Day

Some Random Account
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The fight begins…

Musician: Mayo
Editing: Some Random Account
Art: Rose Shrimp, Yosh, Bellla, Some Random Account


– Yosh’s top 30 artists
(Madeon, Kero Kero Bonito, TWRP, Sewerslvt, Poppy)
(Lena Raine, YUC’e, Metaroom, Girl in Red, Rezz)
– Songs by artists signed under Rambling Records, or in the Electro Swing and J-Hip Hop genres
(Caravan Palace, FAKE TYPE, Sebastian Tellier, Swingrowers)
(Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry, Peggy Suave, 11 Acorn Lane)
– Artists featured in Non-Traditional Rhythm Games
(Just Shapes and Beats, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Mad Rat Dead, No Straight Roads)
(Danimal Canon, Danny Baranowsky, Camellia, Tokyo Machine)
– Songs related to Birds and Flight, or with themes of Contrasting Elements
(Owl City, Falco, The Battle of Award 42, Free Birds)
(Heaven and Hell, Black and White, Bad Apple, Fireboy and Watergirl)

– Music by/sampled by Neil Cicierega, or artists Rose has seen live
(Dinosaurchestra, Soft Fuzzy Man, Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny)
(All Star, How I Beat Shaq, Call Me the Bone Master)
(The Prince, Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem), The Hounds)
– Music in the Drum n Bass/Breakcore, Dark Techno, and Witch House genres
(Axle Grinder, DesktopBuddy, SPIRAL)
(Dilerkefet, Hellifornia, Roller Mobster)
(Blood Blood Blood !!, Ave Plague, Midnight Roadkill)
– Music related to ARGs, and “evil counterparts”/doppelgangers
(CATALYST, Zero Sum, MK Ultra)
(Dark Pit, Quint Boss Theme, deepfake)
– Music related to any of Rose’s “funny little guys”
(Ace of Hearts, Breakout, Science Blaster unfortunately)

– Songs sampled by Mayo, or related to either Mayo/Els character appearances in General Lore (ONLY SONGS SAMPLED IN RICK TRACKS)
(Visiting Hours, The Prince, The Only Thing I Know For Real, The Big Bad Wolf Song)
(Rick Hentai, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Captain America, Forest Spirits)
– Songs featuring hypemen, related to drugs or any felony we commit in Gen. Lore
(Fatman Scoop, DJ Khaled, Cocaine, Purple Haze)
(Arson, Murder, Fraud, Public Indecency)
– Songs associated with famous side characters/comedic relief, or related to arrogance
(Dare to be stupid, Mr. Easy Going Man, A Guy Like you, Master of Puppets)
(Starboy, Blank Space, Way 2 Sexy, We Are Number One)
– Songs in the French Touche or Future Funk genres
(Justice, Myd, Breakbot, Soda Funk City, 82.99 FM)

– Songs relating to card games, Major Arcana cards, betting and gambling
(The Devil, The Star, Death, The World)
(Casino Royale, The Jack, Queen Of Hearts, Black Card)
– Songs from media that Chicago Quickhands has referenced, whether it be in his cards or in his actions
(JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Pokemon, Yugioh, Mashup Week: Megamix)
(Dark Rebirth, Farewell, Victory Road, One Card Short)
– Songs from media about, or heavily referencing, Eldritch Beings, and the Apocalypse
(Children Of Men, World War Z, Annihilation, The Call Of Cthulhu)
(Lovecraft’s Death, It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, London Calling, Court Of The Crimson King)

– Songs related to #general Lore, it’s recurring themes, and any character that isn’t a direct self-insert.
(Reaganomics, Ace Attorney, American Politics, Time Travel)
(Bill Clinton, Madeon, Weezer, Big cow.)
– Songs related to Glitches or Glitchy Games, Advertisements and Corruption.
(Glitch Hop, Sonic ‘06, Baby Back Ribs, Biggering)
– Songs with notably high Scrobbles in the Mashup Week: Megamix server or related to the server’s bots.
(Nugget in a Biscuit, Absolu, Chuu, Teeth of the Hydra)
– Songs related to Fire and the Apocalypse
(We Didn’t Start the Fire, Bonfire, It’s the End of the World As We Know It, As the World Caves In)
– What was left behind (Random’s actual Sourcelist)
(Songs used by Random in public projects or from content he won’t shut up about, Songs related to mystery, anonymity or stealth, Songs related to Robots or AI, Songs in the Synthwave, Vaporwave, or other similar genres)


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