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danisnotFIREBOY and AmazingWATERGIRL!

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We get nostalgic about sharing keyboards/getting mad and play Fireboy and Watergirl!
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  1. I love the beginning of this video when you can feel it slowly building up to "lady door"

  2. I love you so much dan howell.👄👄👄

  3. 💃 lady lady come in my lady door 💃

  4. I was a very lonely child and played both by myself. I had no friends

  5. God watching two people actually play this game together instead of just one person playing this alone with two hands on the keyboard is so weird… best friend goals honestly

  6. Me and my friend went left too…. we didn't even finish the level, it was so frustrating 😂😂

  7. everyone is here because of ladydoor dont even try to deny it

  8. i play this n no partner so ya u cn play it

  9. Dan: SPEED RUN
    also Dan: wHy DiD yOu rUsH tHaT

    jk i love him he just stresses me out more than eating spaghetti in a white shirt

  10. This is the most frustrating video I've ever watched, I want to rip my own eyes out 😂

  11. i still can't believe i was watching live when Lady Door began

  12. dan is NOT on fire, so he shouldn't have been fireboy lmaooo

  13. my friend and i finished this game in school yesterday when we had a 6 hour lockdown because someone tried to assassinate our principal

  14. Jesus christ I'm playing something while watching this and I keep losing bc it's so frustrating 😭😭😭

  15. This is even funnier now than it was then.

  16. Just back here to remember the good old times. And the times when the iconic LadyDoor started. I can't believe I was there for that and what followed.

  17. i can't believe they kept getting off the thing platforms when they could have both stayed and easily controlled how much it went up or down

  18. Ladydoor will always live on in our memories

  19. I used to play this game alone on a school computer because i could NOT work with other kids on it. It frustrated me so much.

  20. "Come in my ladydoor." Funny? Sure. But, "yes, yes, tasty?" Underrated. 😂

  21. Why does this video not show up on the channel

  22. My dog heard Dan breathing into the microphone at 29:28 and focused on it harder than she's ever focused on anything else, lol

  23. i came here purely to witness lady door again in the wake of the channels revival

  24. Back here after the most recent video to re-live the pinnacle moment that was "Ladydoor"

  25. Rewatching this and the amount of time they spent on the one level stressed me tf out

  26. The Thumbnail will forever be engraved into my nightmares

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