Disney's 'Elemental' Accused of Ripping Off 'Fireboy and Watergirl' Flash Game?! - syntropia-game.com

Disney’s ‘Elemental’ Accused of Ripping Off ‘Fireboy and Watergirl’ Flash Game?!

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Disney / Pixar’s Elemental trailer is getting a lot of buzz… but not for thr right reasons. Twitter users are accusing Disney of ripping off the classic browser game Fireboy and Watergirl. It’s so obvious that even Coolmath Games ratio’d the official Pixar tweet. WOW!

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  1. Well this is gonna copyright sued. That movie gonna flop failed.

  2. idk who it was, but somebody in the comments of the trailer said that they might use the fact that the fire lady is going to be used as a social commentary. and honestly, i think that might be true.

  3. it be interesting if they don't get together and just be friends after a weird relationship.

  4. I remember watching a small short movie a few years ago about a flame and a droplet of water that fell in love but could not touch one another.
    I think that was way closer to this than that flash game.
    Found it with a quick google search.
    The name is "Alight."
    So yeah, not a unique concept.

  5. It’s ironic that Disney rips off on the people’s creations and get away with it. For example, the tool the premise of the graphic novel Fables and then turned into the crappy soap opera Once Upon a Time.

  6. I've made other element fan character to Fireboy and Watergirl series few hours/minutes before watching Elemental trailer and I think it's kinda funny. The characters are Icegirl and Poisonboy… The green thing in these games is Poison, right?

  7. This is a massive reach. Two opposite elementals bonding is such an obvious trope, it writes itself, and is hardly a creative idea. Any person looking to tell a story might brush over the idea of a permutation of it when looking at their options.

    I just don’t believe that the creators behind this movie were so creatively bankrupt that they couldn’t even come up with the idea of two opposite elementals having a forbidden love without having played an old as hell flash game and deciding to lift the dynamic.

  8. There was also the Lava girl and Water boy movie. Was it even made by Disney? I can't recall 😅

  9. My colege deskmate plays FB & WG all the time during IT class. I think she would be dissapointed by this news

  10. I don't care for any hate. The film looks beautiful and I love it's scientific/chemistry references. I was never this excited for a Pixar film (or any movie) since Inside Out.

  11. It looks a bit like a old british gas advert from the 2000s. Though looking again maybe not those ones were not human shaped. disney does have a history of ripping things off for the last few years.

  12. The animated short film here on YouTube is easily several years older than both. And better done.

  13. I mean let's face it, you can't come up with an original idea these days without a similar idea existing somewhere somehow out their already. Established filmmakers have a job to tell stories like any other filmmaker, why is it a problem when they use their resources to tell the stories they want to tell, but when a lesser known filmmaker does it, it's alright. They both are doing the same things, just at different budget ranges, and one has the recourses to get more publicity. But it doesn't mean people shouldn't be allowed to make high budget ideas of their ideas just because a lower budget one may exist somewhere out there that nobody heard about, we complain about how Hollywood has no new ideas, but whenever they approach one, people go after it because some obscure media already had a similar idea. If the creators of the obscure idea went out and decided to make their story big, people would find some other even more obscure idea to compare it to and claim it as a rip-off as well. Ultimately, it just means if you are big, you're not allowed to make original ideas, because you may accidentally trample over other similar original ideas that may exist out their somewhere. No original ideas can go big, because somebody will ultimately accuse it as a rip-off, so only indie films have much right to be original, and obviously those indie filmmakers can't move up because then they'll be the bad guys of fame.

  14. I watched the teaser, and with what little was shown. I can't help but feel the script started out as fire boy & water girl fanfiction

  15. The comparison is just a joke, I've done it too, the devs are just joining the meme trend, just a bit of fun

    This seems like the Pixar we know and love, the idea for this movie is very interesting

  16. Are we genuinely saying Disney Pixar ripped off an old two player flashgame where you work together to get out of tombs and have to actively avoid eachother's elements? Its a similar concept, but its not stealing. Elemental is based around a MODERN city where several elements are present. That is, Wind (presented as clouds.. which is weird, clouds ARE water vapor), Earth, Water, and Fire. These are just the basic elements, and they're using the main two elements that apose eachother for a sense of drama. Water is the all healing element, Fire is the all killing element. The whole water vs fire or water x fire thing has been around for decades, its not an original concept. All Disney Pixar is doing is taking an unoriginal concept, and making something good out of it.

  17. Is almost shark boy and lava girl with a upgrade and downgrade

  18. Wasn’t there a short that played before some Disney Pixar movie a really long time ago centered around a drop of water and a small flame?

    Also there was this short made 11yrs ago posted on YT by someone else.


  19. About Fifth Element, which is a great movie by the way, its primary influence was Valérian and Laureline, the flying taxi being a more specific example.

  20. Comparison to the old game I will support, that's understandable. Even the Sharkboy and Lavagirl copy.

    ATLA? No. That's stupid. They might as well compare it to Captain Planet if that's all they have to go on.

  21. Okay I didn’t know this will come out from a flash game. 😐

  22. I as much as i hate Disney, this could definitely be a massive coincidence. Coolmath games has been a dead site ever since I left middle school, Disney probably has no idea of its existence.

  23. Fire boy and water girl should seriously be a movie

  24. Honestly fire boy and water girl was my first thought after seeing the first teaser for the movie

  25. Not gonna lie, it’s a very generic concept that has been used for a millennia. I don’t like Disney, but if they can’t use this idea, then neither can literally any fantasy writer out there. Elements are a great way to classify people, similar to star signs and whatnot.

  26. I fucking knew it. I played this when i was a kid wow am old.

  27. I never played the game butt just watched the preview and I wonder if this will be a modern day Romeo and Juliet

  28. Not sure how someone thinks this is Copy (this is a trope at this point)

  29. It's more a copy of an old anime movie called "Sea prince and fire child". Pixar is pure sh*t now.

  30. Geeky really got Kneon stuttering in that intro lol

  31. Elsa: “You can’t drip on a woman you just met.”

  32. look up a 1981 anime film called 'the sea prince and the fire child'… beautifully animated retelling of romeo and juliet… it was the first thing i thought of when i saw the trailer. having said that, i don't think it's a big leap to think that many folks might come up with fire and water falling in love…

  33. Lol yall saying Sploosh made me think of the movie Holes 🤣

  34. Lawyers: Clearly in our version the girl is fire and the boy is water. Completely different.

  35. Or they could be just them reincarnated
    Matpat we need you.

  36. This is most likely definitely not a rip off! It's fire and water as sentient beings. That's…not as unique as you think. Water and fire as two polar opposites is quite common for those who get into symbolism especially in older ancient art involving alchemy where fire is masculine and water is feminine. It seems Elemental switched it up to play with the idea. I really really doubt it's a rip off….
    I get it that it's been speculated Disney and other big companies havs stolen ideas before in a much more elaborate manner but remember that nothing is new under the sun. Inspiration exists also! I see no ill intent either way if they copied it or not.

  37. I would actually love to se that movie.
    I don't really care if they stole it or not, but it would be soo cool to se them on the big screen.

    That's one way to tell my future kids about that great game.

  38. Am I the only one who thinks the connection to fire boy and water girl is a reach? The concept of the game is completely different from the movie. Just cause they’re elements mean they’re the same?

  39. Wasn't the movie called The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl?

  40. Just missing a Villain Made of Green Goo.

  41. Redstonechippedsemmy (Anger Level: 40) says:

    Yes and lol i knew that movie reminds me of that game HAHAHA

  42. This Elemental movie is nothing but Tumber bait. It will be a complete afterthought in two weeks.

  43. I can see fireboy watergirl

    I don't see avatar. Thats not it.
    I dont see zootopia.

  44. I think Pixel must have a survey about the gender of fire and water. The "Fireboy and Watergirl" is one of the well known game instead of the unknown one. They should entered the fan club of this game to earn more customer for this film. Making characters without fan's opinion is one of the stupidest choice they have ever done. Do you remember the Snow White live action????

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