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EXPURGATION 7 KEYS – FNF vs Fireboy & Watergirl

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I play this in 2.5 scroll speed because idk when the death note will come out.
I am not an expert in 7keys but i think i did a pretty good job here. xD

Epic crossover with friv.

Face off with Fireboy and Watergirl in intense rap battles, inspired by the mythical nostalgic game.

This mod includes –

6 New Songs
2 New Characters
3 New Backgrounds
2 Weeks
New Menu
Kade Engine Support
More keys.
And More!

Box Funkin Creator
Cape Funkin avatar
Programmer & Creator
Sprite Designer
Background Artist
Music composer
Jhaix avatar
Music composer
Cape Funkin avatar
Keys Programmer
KadeDeveloper avatar

VS Fireboy & Watergirl (UPDATE)
– A Mod for Friday Night Funkin’

#fnf #topgameplay #expurgation


  1. expurgation: i have alot if fans

    ballistic:*sitting alone in his alley*

  2. fire and water more like among us and flute

  3. Icon of Watergirl: she crying
    Me: I agree cuz she is made out of tears and water

  4. Fireboy and watergirl: * have 7 arrows *
    Shaggy who has 9 arrows: PATHETIC

  5. digo no es de fnf es un juego mas anterior a fnf igual al de jeff y sonic y slener man y los teletubbies

  6. Fire boys lose icon looks like whitty's lose icon

  7. someone should make a rn 3 fnf mod that would be cool

  8. That is added at freeplay 👁👄👁

  9. Fireboy sounds like among us and Watergirl sounds like a floot I think.

  10. Keys we have seen: 4keys, 6keys, 9keys, 21keys
    Keys we havent seen: 7keys


  12. Why fire boy sounds like fnf noob and he sounds like among us

    And the water girl sounds like little man

  13. tricky becom fire boy and wate girl :))

  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. There should be 8 arrows since there is one fire boy and one water girl. Meaning there is 2 of them.

  16. he looks anoying when he put the glasses on him

  17. i remember playing this game on friv. good times. (im not talking about fnf and why did they kill flash ;-;)

  18. Me:when i saw watergirl and fireboy:YOU DESERVE 100 K SUBSCRIBERS AND LIKES

  19. Fireboy sounds like impostor and watergirl like sarv but very high pitch

  20. Expuration : Iam famous then all
    Whitty : FCK you you stole my fans
    Bf : stop guys all not famous iam only famous

  21. Before new update: just any normal mod
    After new update: the hardest nostalgic mod in history

  22. every comment have heart DONT DO IT I WANT BE EXCLUSIVE lol

  23. About only 2 other mods that include more than 4 notes as this one and new sonic.exe update the ones with shaggy don’t count bc the shaggy creator is in it.

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