Fireboy and watergirl 1 |Gameplay walkthrough -

Fireboy and watergirl 1 |Gameplay walkthrough

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  1. Me encanta como juegan. Son lo mejor de lo mejor 🙌🏆

  2. Hey bro me and my crush play this game we are in high-school. I like this game

  3. Dude I remember playing this game back when I was in 4th grade now I’m in high school and one of my friends showed me this game and then I remembered it from years ago. Now I’m playing this game again and I remembered I was so bad at this game when I played this in elementary school but then I tried playing this again and now I’m a pro at these levels. Thanks for making this video because if this video didn’t exist I would have not known this game still existed. Have a great day 🙂

  4. i wish i got a frend to help me with that game

  5. I really thought that me and my bro were the only people who actually played this game- my life is complete

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