FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 Walkthrough - Levels 14-28 - A Rank (Except 24) -

FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 Walkthrough – Levels 14-28 – A Rank (Except 24)

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This is a video of Mck beating FireBoy and WaterGIrl 2 with all A ranks, except for 3 levels. 6, 9, and 24.



  1. i so wanna try this out but.. i don't rly understand how do you play? with the WASD buttons or what?

  2. You control Fireboy (arrow keys) and Watergirl (WASD) simultaneously. You can play with a friend on the same keyboard, I guess. But that's kinda cheating 😉 It's fun trying to get all A's by yourself. I'm in the same place as these tutorials.. all A's except lv 6, 9, and 24, oddly enough (no I did not use the vids to get my a's) Those levels seem impossible, imo :O

  3. I can't jump with both at the same time. If i run with both "arrow right, d" and press up and w, only fire boy will jump. It's always like that, fireboy has "first right"

  4. Hey guys, this game is a great one to play with girls cause even the stupid ones you can tell what to do. I was playing it with this bird just the other day and yeah, we completed a few levels and needless to say i was fucking the shit out of her next thing with her screaming fireboy into my ear

  5. The dairy milk add i startin 2 really piss me off -_-

  6. Wow that is a cool video. How do you play so well. Did you play by yourself or with someone? I am doing some walk throughs myself of Fireboy and Watergirl version 1. Please take a look at my video…

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  8. in 8:56 I think that the level is impossible. It takes a lot of tries but it is possible to finish it with a rank A

  9. Also in 2:41 the level is very hard to do the same and very accurate with two players. Can you… with fireboy get the diamond and you don't get the blue diamond with watergirl? you need to be very accurate.

  10. but to play a games with fireboy and watergirl you need more two players

  11. I dare you to get S Rank on every level

    If You will win the dare

  12. hello this game is my favorite .i play with my brother. Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked is a great game on hudgames

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