FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 Walkthrough - Levels 29-40 - A Rank -

FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 Walkthrough – Levels 29-40 – A Rank

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This is a video of Mck beating FireBoy and WaterGIrl 2 with all A ranks, except for 3 levels. 6, 9, and 24.



  1. if u close ur eyes it feels like ur playing zelda

  2. @Oxydox the sound is takin from legend of zelda

  3. @sexysanee23 on armorgames webiste on front page. There should be a link. I think I will PM you.

  4. wooooooow i hate level 30 so much, my computer is way to shitty and i lag even on low quality, otherwise this game is 5/5 and great fun to play, but, this one damn level such a piss off

  5. @sexysanee23: search fireboy and watergirl game 🙂

  6. there are very few games that i know of where you can control 2 characters with both hands at the same time. i love this game and the music is very inspiring

  7. @dave13377
    you can play it with two, but also with one

  8. so…nothing special happens? i completed the game and…well…nothing…

  9. LOL!!! they stole the zelda sounds in this game!!!! not cool!!!

  10. well done man it really helped me lol and why always the middle is orange and the outer is green???????????????

  11. some of these stages took forever to do. especially 30 cause there was no light switch at the end. i don't really like the dark stages or the lights and blocks but this game is still awesome. i like it because it doesn't have a timer u have to beat it by and u dont have a certain amount of lives to lose before u die for good. at the end i was left with 12, 22 and 36 that i was stuck with. now i'm only stuck on 36. the balls don't make sense to me

  12. some people don't like this game because they don't want to use their left hand. but i figure out the best way to win is to control the characters individually so u don't have to use the left hand since the reflexes aren't as good. there are only like 3 stages in total that i've played that actually requires 2 people moving at once, those took me a while to get past

  13. this tutorial was so helpful. now I know what i did wrong. the balls on the right were supposed to be knocked down towards the end, but I knocked them down first hahaha

    now i finished the game. yay 🙂

  14. i am on level 50 and i a play water girl and fire boy 2 soo i know how to play i just wanted to see that wich level peaple are on i finished water girl and fire boy 1 and now i am on 2 sooo
    i know how to play it better then othere peaple me and my sis play it i faund it for the first time on you write free barbie game sfor boys and girls and dont press anything else press barbie games and then go to advanture game syoule find fire boy and water girl 1 and 2 and if you play moshimonsters add

  15. do you plan this or something, man you are good!!!!!

  16. fireboy and watergirl 2 is very nice game.

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  18. I saw that in the last level there's no water, fire or black goo, you just have to rotate the mirrors and get the silver diamond.

  19. Lol, first I thought, that "hutt" and "hett" were from Link, but then when I heard the fairy sound I am sure. 😀

  20. esse grafico e uma porcaria
    tinha que ser HD

  21. u sik ladz being so cool like playin firboyeee and watergrill

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