Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements Walkthrough [All Levels] -

Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements Walkthrough [All Levels]

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Fireboy and Watergirl is back! This is the fifth part of the great puzzle adventure game. Control two little heroes and collect gems.
Game is available here –
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  1. you are hurting my brainnnnn i tried this and i finished it in 30 seconds!!!!!

  2. Elements are fire boy and water girl earth boy and air girl because its a same place as the one who is a good friend and a good friend who is a friend

  3. I like this video fire boy was about to die and water girl but that was so close.

  4. Bro how good it felt when you passed all of the levels. That was biggest flex.

  5. How he control both of them together😨😱😱😰

  6. มยุรา สายันต์ says:


  7. Does that mean that laveboy and watergirl Will have an obsidian kid?

  8. I remember playing this with my friend in 5th grade-

  9. nobody talking about the fact they swapped their voice effects around 😩


  11. I used to play this with my sister SHE HAS TO BE WATER GIRL IM A GIRL WITH A GOOD GIRL I DONT WANT TO BE FIER BOY!!!!!!!!

  12. I love to play this game but it’s soooooooo hard omg

  13. Mom can we have legend of Zelda?
    We already got legend of Zelda at home
    Legend of Zelda at home:

  14. The fire boy and watergirl videos are awesome Wowwwwww

  15. Unpopular Fact: When Fireboy jumps, he almost sounds like he has Watergirl’s jumping sound.

  16. ur so nice i love it fireboy and watergirl in 5 elements so thaks to help me

  17. Fireboy and watergirl 4 = made in 2011
    Fireboy and watergirl 5 = made in 2019

  18. The App exist on Apple store or Play Store

  19. nooooooooooobbbbbb hahahhahhahaahhahahaah i am more pro Bro ops

  20. Is this game and all the other “Fireboy & Watergirl” games for PC or Smartphone?

  21. Memenade reminded me this gem
    I used to play this

  22. Hey, you're finally awake.

    What? World pandemic? Isolation? Roblox "slenders"? Chill out, it's 2014. Say, wanna play some Fireboy and Watergirl?

  23. Never played this but will surely try this with gf

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