Fireboy and Watergirl but it's Sonic 3 & Knuckles -

Fireboy and Watergirl but it’s Sonic 3 & Knuckles

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Have you ever wanted to play as Sonic and Knuckles in Fireboy and Watergirl? Now’s your chance!

Link to the game:

(the website is safe, but let google translate the webstie for you)


  1. I love the musics from this game. What are they're names?

  2. Where is this real and good game now after Adobe Flash Player gone forever? 🙁

  3. Me gustaría saber cómo se llamaría el juego para. Descargarlo

  4. I love this game I play it at school. I was once kicked out of the classroom by my teacher for playing Fireboy and Watergirl on hudgames too much

  5. Nice game, I will try this fireboy and watergirl at hudgames

  6. Man
    Do you know the name of this game traslated into english?

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