Fireboy and Watergirl Epic Soundtrack -

Fireboy and Watergirl Epic Soundtrack

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Music from the Flash game Fireboy and Watergirl, extended for 10 minutes.


  1. espero no se burlen de mi :"( pero a mi me encantaba este juego, lo jugaba con mi prima, y como me gustaba tanto lo jugaba solo la mayoría del tiempo porque no tenía con quién jugar :'C

  2. В гостях у Апельсинчика says:

    как по мне с4 и динамит сложно использовать для собирания сундуков

  3. Deberian sacarle parte 5 , es lo mejor q jugar en las clases de computo

  4. Have you ever noticed that this music plays in the more ,,strategical" levels in the game?

  5. Me when I'm in a group project and we only have one day to finish it.

  6. Sounds like the music that plays on that in Tom & Jerry game where you have to stop the plates from falling

  7. Idk what people are talking about. This doesn't sound like ilomilo by Billie Eilish at all…

  8. When you have exactly 5 minutes to get ready to go to an important meeting

  9. This is my favourite soundtrack in the entire game

  10. i just realized it sounds somewhat similar to 1,75x normal level music

  11. when your solving puzzles to get out of a weired temple

  12. What is the name of the song? I want this for ringtone

  13. I got addicted to this game… and I love it… Fireboy and Watergirl on hudgames so good

  14. They say you should try fireboy and watergirl at least once so I came to hudgames. What a great game!

  15. This brings back memories

  16. I love Fireboy and Watergirl 2. I love the Dark levels on hudgames.

  17. amo fireboy and watergirl jogo todos os dias :3

  18. Maybe Fireboy wasn’t hot enough to have an eye that was the same size as his other eye.

  19. man remember those days in 3rd grade when you would force your best friend to play this with you in the computer lab?


    Edit: Oh wait someone had said that before now I look like I copied it.

    damn it

  21. Oh my god, I remember a decade ago when I used to play this with my brother and we would always scream and blame each other, it was the best, but then a couple of years ago we went through and destroyed this game

  22. Girls: Boys don't know what a real Soundtrack is!


  23. When you decide to run away from ur bad family. Mission accomplished

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