Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple Level 21 -

Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple Level 21

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Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple Level 21


  1. we have a different way and got it in 25 seconds . after water girl pushes the block onto the chain board and jumps on. run to the right with fire boy while he's going up. the chain board should move over and get stuck under the ledge. fire boy can grab the gem and the jump on the board a few times to dislodge it again, hope this helps.

  2. me and my friend did it in 28 seconds but the time is really hard

  3. No se puede hacer lo de 0:44 en celular, Watergirl cae muy rápido al saltar Fireboy!!!

  4. I find this useful, thanks, however it's easier for you, mainly 'cause you are laggy
    I hate how my computer doesn't lag, it only lags when I need to do something important not when playing games or other stuff like that.
    It's making me mad with how helpful your videos are but at the same time you make it look so easy.

    (I don't know whether to call that a insult or compliment- please dont take it wrongly TwT)

  5. it is literally impossible to get green on this level we have done it in 35 seconds but it is still orange lol


  7. we found a faster way and got 29 sec.
    At the box with two platforms for watergirl, go on the LOWER level platform and run onto the moving chain board (no need to jump the gap if you run you make the gap and dont fall) let it go down a little, then start jumping to get fireboy his gem. Jump and return to the top of the chain board, then RETURN to the Lower platform below the box. Jump up onto the HIGHER platform and push the box onto the chain board and let yourself fall to get your gem and the blue lever and then sprint to the door!!

  8. Jimin found his jams in Hobi’s sprite fridge says:

    I love you

  9. Después de estar toda una tarde jugando con mi hermana, lo pasamos con 30 segundos justos (la caja es innecesaria, hay que sincronizar los saltos ya que los segundos son muy valiosos)

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