Fireboy and Watergirl OST 01 - Main Menu -

Fireboy and Watergirl OST 01 – Main Menu

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Music from Firegirl and Waterboy by Oslo Albet. This plays on the main menu.

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  1. This soundtrack made me feel afraid as an orphan

  2. I used to play it alone for fun but the music and atmosphere of the game creeped me out, but it's still very nostalgic

  3. I was always so scared of this song when I was a child💀💀

  4. Heard in stage 3-4 secret, 3-5, 5-1 secret, 5-2, and 5-3 secret

  5. "One" of the greatest "Flash" Puzzle games.

  6. Freaks me out but makes me feel relaxed too

  7. We played this game with my brother so much when we were kids…

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