Fireboy and Watergirl OST 03 - Speed -

Fireboy and Watergirl OST 03 – Speed

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Music from Firegirl and Waterboy by Oslo Albet. This plays in epic levels.

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  1. the music just fits a lot looking at the levels tbh

  2. The stages with this theme were always my favorite I played this game co-op with my sister and it always gave us major anxiety lmao

  3. Temazo pa, recuerdo esto de cuando era pequeño y lo jugaba en el friv

  4. This is nostalgic for me i had a hard time beating the game but it was fun regardless

  5. Bro the first time I played a level with this song it was a banger
    I couldn't stop replaying it

  6. Does the "Speed" remind anybody else of crazy train by Ozzy osbourne too?

  7. okay did like anybody actually complete the series???

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