Fireboy and Watergirl OST - Epic [High Quality] -

Fireboy and Watergirl OST – Epic [High Quality]

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When I was trying to find a high quality version of this soundtrack, there was none, just the low quality version, so I decided to get footage of an epic level, get the audio from it, make a near-perfect loop out of it, and extend it to (almost) 10 minutes. Hope you enjoy.

The original soundtracks were made by the developer Oslo Albet. I do not own anything from him.


  1. Wait, is this from The Crystal Temple?!?!

    Oracle ✨🐞🐾🎧🍕🎤❤

  2. Oh hey it's from one of those quick levels

  3. Look cool but I’m not fan of fireboy and watergirl cuz I heck don’t know what game there Are

  4. I kinda miss my childhood🥲🥲💙❤️

  5. when the 5 second clip but looped is a banger

  6. Reminds me of Mortal Kombat theme. Siivaguner should make a rip out of this

  7. For some reason, I remember it faster

  8. When you realize it's just a 4 second loop but still slaps

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