Fireboy and Watergirl OST - Piano -

Fireboy and Watergirl OST – Piano

Helian Game Piano
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Ω Sheet music, Frame design Links below ⇩
A game I played as a child very long ago on the Internet. Now I made piano cover of it as an adult. Time files.

Ω About the arrangement:
The best thing about this project is, I used all 3 PEDALS for this arrangement! The first Theme can’t possibly be played without Sostenuto Pedal (Middle one). It helps me sustain the Bassline and the Main Melody while I can play staccato the Bass Rhythm as well as legato the High Melody line. Oh isn’t it legit 4 voices. Damn I’m proud of myself.

For the Soft Pedal, I just want to add it in to make this piece played with all 3 pedals haha, it is not needed at all. To tell you the truth the 2nd Theme is only looped 2 bars. It is so ridiculously short so I extended it with a proper structure and turns out, I managed to fuse it with the 1st Theme, making it a fine ending for this piece!

Okay that’s it for this week, my next upload should be either Glory of Sparta in GoW II or March of Tartarus in GoW III. Hope I can nail this one as well!
Piano arrangement by Helian.
Piano sheet:
I am giving free sheets but the last page, simply capture all the Preview images. Or you can pay to support me, I would be greatly Gratefulll 😀 !

Frame Design:

Difficulty: 7.5/10
Pedal used: Sustain + Soft + Sostenuto
Date created: 21/04/2023

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Original song: Fireboy and Watergirl
Original artist: Oslo Abet
Game: Fireboy and Watergirl
Studio: Oslo Abet himself, wow.
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  1. I think you wrote the composers name wrong in the video title. By the way, very good piano arrangement! Keep it up! 😁

  2. THIS IS SO GOOD THIS NEEDS TO BE SO MUCH MORE APPRECIATED OMG ( i played the game again today after all these years and wow the nostalgia…) ❤

  3. mhm i thought you're a valorant channel , well not going to pissed now

  4. 😀 was playing valorant with you a few hours back, glad i searched your channel up. Good Stuff!!

  5. BRO THIS'S SICK!!!!!! I am Kay/o from last round.

  6. My my, that sounds so good! Any tutorials or something like that? Thanks for sharing

  7. So cool, espectially the mashup one. Why are you so underated?

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