Fireboy and Watergirl Playthrough Soundtrack -

Fireboy and Watergirl Playthrough Soundtrack

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Music from Fireboy and Watergirl game.


  1. everyone shut up, i'm listening to the fireboy and watergirl song

  2. Dang I feel bad for kids of today will never experience these awesome flash games like the early 2000 kids did

  3. I played this game a long time ago in elementary lol

  4. Bro this was my childhood game!! 😭😭😭🙏🙏

  5. If there's someone here because of fnf mod. Welcome to the year when everything was all fun with your sibling or friends

  6. It worked am back in time I have to warn them…..

  7. I was never really into this game but I would always hear this song because kids would play it with the volume down but since it has bells it was loud enough that you could hear it. still kinda nostalgic though

  8. On the lowest key possible:

    Little Nightmare Vibes

  9. Shout-out to this kids who played both of them😔🖐🏼 how are yall doing

  10. How can a music track be both creepy and catchy at the same time?

  11. why does this look so much like opening loki (if my english is wrong i'm sorry i used google translate)

  12. This sounds similar to L's theme in death note

  13. My god the nostalgia.. I used to play this game with my brother every single day and it was amazing

  14. I normally get the controls mixed up when playing this

  15. Anyone else here from the FNF mod? You don't have to like if you don't want to.

  16. I remember playing this, Fancy Pants, and Animal Jam with my sisters a long time ago

  17. To properly mimic the sounds of childhood play this and say “hip, hip……..hip” repeatedly

  18. I love the Fireboy Watergirl soundtrack it is amazing, especially that first song you hear while playing the game. It sound like a timer and cave dwelling music at the same time!

  19. Me Da Nostalgia Yo Juegue Mucho Cuando Estaba Pequeño En Friv 🙂 Gracias Por Todo

  20. A Kaeya, Yanfei, Keqing, and Lisa main says:

    Holy cow it's been so long…

  21. But we didn't know back then that we were creating memories, we were just having fun…

    ~ Winnie The Pooh

  22. I remember playing this during school, and trying to make up a story to go along with the game.

  23. I remember playing this with my friend at the library years ago
    And it used to be a tradition to play this with my mom when we went on holiday in Italy to visit my grandparents, it was so fun

  24. I remember playing this with myself cuz my baby brother didn't know how to do shit xD

  25. I remember when I played on friv, good times

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