Fireboy and Watergirl Speedrun BY ONE PERSON In 17:27 (World Record) -

Fireboy and Watergirl Speedrun BY ONE PERSON In 17:27 (World Record)

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You read that right! I did this run by myself, controlling both characters at once, while going as fast as I can. At the moment of releasing this video, the world record for the 2 player category in 17:53 by Calvin403 and Anonymouse21, and I get to beat that run by 26 seconds.
For those who want to know, I have been speedrunning this game for about 3 years at this point, only running it from time to time, and my PB that came before this run was a 17:41, which I thought was already a pretty good run.
For those that want to see the live version of this run, or doubt of its veracity, here is the link to the highlight made from while I was broadcasting this run live on Twitch:


  1. Should we use two hands simultaneously for this?

  2. yo lo intento y siempre me agrega 2 segundos mas

  3. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv :v

  4. He: * completes game in 17 min *
    Game: hmmm… Rank: B

  5. Me 3 years ago: Im genius be able finish 3 level by one person

    Now: im trash

  6. Who needs walk through when you have:
    S P E E D R U N ?

  7. I don't believe this
    There must be a keyboard cam

  8. I play Fireboy and Watergirl on the computer And I did the levels by myself But I play the game by myself too

  9. dear g0go, there are still lots of things you can optimize, for example, in level two, there are already two things. first, fireboy and watergirl dont have to jump together to those balancing platforms. Second, by using accurate timing, you can DOUBLE JUMP at about the time 17-18 seconds. to do that, you have to jump on the second platform, while running against the third, then as soon as you touch a horizontal bit of that platform, jump, and you will double jump, saving loads of of time instead of going to the right.

  10. Lets go un bon Québécois dans le monde du speedrun

  11. Poor guy he is doing speeed run to alone

  12. How can you click the levels so fast?
    I can't even see the mouse.

  13. And no mixing them becuse if you they will die

  14. hey try getting world record with an A grade for very single level

  15. Lmfao I remember always playing as watergirl cuz you know, ''girls always play the girl character'' ironically, I discovered I'm nonbinary a few months ago.

  16. I remember back in high school my ex girlfriend and I used to play this game

  17. Nobody:


  18. Can any of u guys plz tweet the creator or developer of this game to change it to the old one its better

  19. capo, como vas a saltarte una gema. Indignado Minuto 0:40 para referencia de esta atrocidad.

  20. the sound for fire boy jumping sounds like jump sound for child link in ocarina of time.

  21. lmao, I remember feeling like a pro for beating the whole game in like little less than 3 hours by myself first attempt, now I feel so owned

  22. No jodas el speedrun del juego mas bueno de todos los tiempos

  23. I remember playing this ~2012/13 at a friends house when i accidentally stayed up later than usual playing only this game

  24. "Don't forget to grab some diamonds!"
    Him: i don't give a shit i am speeeeeeeeeeeed

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