Fireboy and Watergirl Tunnel Vision Soundtrack -

Fireboy and Watergirl Tunnel Vision Soundtrack

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From Fireboy and Watergirl – Light Temple


  1. This track is the sound of anxiety knowing there’s a deadly pool somewhere but you don’t know where

  2. Eu amava as fases escuras, eu sempre ficava atento o que estava na minha frente

  3. I've never heard this music, and I played Light Temple! When did this play?

  4. is anyone creaped out by that music couse i am its kinda scary

  5. This music made me so scared that I couldn’t sleep in the night and I yelled for my parents. Wonder if it’ll be in the movie 😬

  6. I probably would never be able to beat this game if I was under 6 years old just because of this haunting music.

  7. Sounds like Paper Mario to be honest.

  8. This Music Sounds Like When Power Gos Out From Your House And Only Have A Flashlight

  9. i never heard the beat in the background before and that's why i'm dancing to it lol

  10. 1 like if you're scared
    1 reply if you're not scared

  11. when someone calls you and you never call them ever again

  12. Always plays in my head when I enter in a cave in Minecraft 👌😆

  13. Fireboy and watergirl have some creepy music but this one is just a nightmare

  14. This didn’t scare me at all when I played the second game of Fireboy and Watergirl

  15. This unknown game (these days standards) has pretty good soundtrack

  16. This sounds creepy, yet enjoyable to listen to.

  17. Me and my cousin. We were never able to hear that music. And if we did, we didnt care, we just laughed at everything we did wrong lol

  18. I tried beating that one maze level controlling both characters and getting a Rank A but it was too difficult for me so I gave up.

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