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My sister and I take on a new challenge…to complete “Fireboy and Watergirl In the Forest Temple”, or at least some of it! This game requires that we work together, but is that really possible? Tune in to find out 🙂

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  1. My sister and I are back and today we are taking on "Fireboy and Watergirl"! Check it out here: #teamwork 

  2. Damn you guys work well together. My sister and I would never get along that well

  3. You should really try to play Five Nights at Freddy's. I know you really hate horror games but allot of people would enjoy it. Btw, Great video. keep them coming! 😀

  4. Dude I really like fireboy and watergirl. I even beated one of the games

  5. danotoast  plz finish this it is hilarious

  6. Hello danotoast, play this game called wrestle jump on miniclip it is really fun trust me please use this in one of your two player challenges and hope to see you then cheers

  7. Tomorrow's video will be POSTPONED one day to Friday. It's something different and weird…In the meantime if you missed my latest video then you can check it out here: 

  8. Can you put a link to where can I play it?

  9. If you haven't yet, play Soccer Physics with your sister, or any game related to it.

  10. and yeah, I want you to keep playing. This is cool

  11. Danotoast you got 6k subscribers make a video 6000 subscribers and also do the comment thing like drawing my tweets put his comment on the screen bye

  12. I am your friend but i live in the united kingdom

  13. Thanks so much danotoast for commenting on my channel

  14. i play this in ny classroom and im nine plz respond

  15. I was at level b3 when playing Riddle School on riddleschoolgame com it's easy

  16. I just played Water boy and Fire girl with my sister and now I think she wants to kick me out of the house cause I’m so bad XD

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