FNF Fireboy & Watergirl FULL WEEK 7 KEYS... [HARD] (NEW UPDATE!!!) - syntropia-game.com

FNF Fireboy & Watergirl FULL WEEK 7 KEYS… [HARD] (NEW UPDATE!!!)

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  1. love how the last song is not madness but expurgation

  2. You literally download a mod, turn on bot play and post it as content. This channel is a fucking joke that just follows trends; and doesn't even do that well. Reading the comments of your videos genuinely confuses me. Are you all toddlers? Mindless drones? What's going on here? You just hop onto a no commentary bot vid and go " wow loved it God bless". WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE

  3. Bruh your using bot when you were in the fireboy's 2nd song

  4. 1:35 THIS LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Their duet is amazing and Watergirl and Fireboy still pay attention to BF! And Watergirl loves singing with BF too!

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