Friday Night Funkin': VS Nostalgic Childhood Games (Fireboy Watergirl, PVZ, Cut The Rope,..) NGF FNF -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Nostalgic Childhood Games (Fireboy Watergirl, PVZ, Cut The Rope,..) NGF FNF

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Your Childhood Nostalgic Games (Fireboy Watergirl, PVZ, Cut The Rope, My Singing Monsters) in Net Games Fever Demo. This mod is actually very good with a new custom menu, 4 songs and a lot of love. I really love new BF & GF designs. Check it out!
Do you remember their faces?

Enter with BF and GF to discover new adventures with old friends.
This mod will bring back many nostalgic memories from when you were a child. Can you beat your old friends? Find out at Net Games Fever!

– 4 different games with 1 song each
– New Menu
– Nostalgic themes
– A lot of fun!

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Net Games Fever! (DEMO OUT)
NightmareXoNIX – Owner, Charter
pescadin_cringe – Director, Artist
MurtherSoy – Director, Helper
CrashBNashe – Co-Director, Main Animator
AlanelCoderxd – Co-Director, Coder
ZariDoodles – Artist
LounderXD – Artist
RiskY2K – Artist
MrVita_Official – Artist
inkchromatic – Artist
Unnup – Artist
Waze – Animator
FrYxZ0 – Animator
Pabj_Z – Animator
MisterMasterBlack – Composer
Pokey — Composer
S.A.M – Composer
alwk – Composer
InVoidMusic – Composer
ItsWalker412 – Composer
Fimbulveter – Charter
EstoyAburridow – Coder
Tinny – Coder
Peppy – Coder
JustJasonLol – Coder
The Leon – Chromatic Scaler, Old Composer
Kaizer – Trailer Maker 1
Papusaurio – Trailer Maker 2
Amaro – Trailer Composer
Dribuz – Old Creator
#fnfmod #netgamesfever #fireboywatergirl #singingmonster #cuttherope #pvz
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  1. Actually the mod is pretty cool my favorite song is the om nom song

  2. I miss the old days they also my childhood 😢

  3. Artist and animator here! Tysm for playing❤

  4. it was an honor to make the fireboy & watergirl song for this mod, thanks for playing it 🥺

  5. co director and main animator here! thanks for play the mod!

  6. By the way, nostalgic mod, but sadly msm dont was part of my childhood

  7. I think they should make the menu more like nostalgic sites, like friv or something

  8. Haiii I'm the artist and animator for the Om Nom song! Thanks a bunch for playing the mod where I contributed! :3

  9. Composer here. Thanks for playing our mod ^^

  10. Because it sounds like GD when starting a level, it's the same :0

  11. one of the main artist and director, thx for plaing!

  12. man, i am so glad they included cut the rope

  13. Hello, I am the one who animated the notes, thank you for playing this beautiful mod

  14. 00:01 – Main Menu

    01:07 – Alarm (VS Common Peashooter)

    03:44 – Sweet Candy (VS Om Nom)

    06:17 – Natural Singers (VS Common Mammoot)

    09:35 – Flaming Waters (VS Fireboy and Watergirl)

    12:17 – Miss and Game Over Anims

    13:20 – Credits + Outro

  15. Hey! Ex-mod artist here
    Glad the team cooked up such fire things!

  16. sweet candy is so underrated right now, the composer did a great job on that song

  17. Pls pin me
    Here are the four songs
    1:08 alarm/pvz
    3:45 sweet candy/cut the rope
    6:12 natural singers/my singing monster
    9:34 flaming-waters/fire boy and water girl

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