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I decided to speedrun Where’s My Water and used tremendously clever solutions to go fast

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It’s time to speedrun through another classic phone game, and this time it’s Where’s My Water? We will be getting Swampy his water fast while making sure he doesn’t get several strange diseases.

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Watch the world record speedrun here:

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun! Join the quest for glory: play golden axe online now.

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  1. This video brought back deeply repressed childhood memories

  2. I know you didn't just try to waste my time, not getting all the duckies. Remake the video NOWWW

  3. "classic phone games?" phone games are old enough now to classify as "classic?"

  4. swampy can’t die lol he just jumps out of the bath


  6. Disney has Hunch Back of Noter Dame, Disney is not a clean as you think.

  7. i remember i was played that with my mom's phone at 5yo

  8. I played this constantly. Loved the game. Bought the full game. Then I bought #2 when it very first came out and was utterly disappointed in how crappy it was. It was so freemium even the paid version, and so buggy and broken that I actually did my one and only refund request on apple store a couple days after I bought it cus it just didn't work properly. Still run #1 on the Ipad occasionally for some mindless easy solving. But might be worth checking out #2 again to see if they've got a working version however many years later that it is!

    The other one, the super hero? one was also a great game. I can't think of it's name, but it was like where's my water, but with superheros?, transforming kitchen appliances, and maybe was a fox or something.

  9. the sheer amount of memories this brought back is insane

  10. bro casually claimed top 10 spots in the speedrunning community and said its no big deal, in one of our favorite childhood games

  11. Eazy should do a tri-duck speedrun on some of these levels

  12. It's not toxic waste It's poison water

  13. All the games around this era were so much better then the ones we have now on mobile, now its shitty quality games with ads every round, every time you open the game, or redeem something, and its ads for another shitty game where the ad is gameplay completely different then the actual game.

  14. I never played where’s my water as a a kid. As my whole family was a phineas and ferb fan, we all loved where’s my Perry which was the same game concept

  15. damn i haven’t play this game since i was a kid

  16. Its mold!! And the purple stuff is drain cleaner/acid

  17. As some of you pointed out, I was wrong about it not being on the AppStore and I must of just missed it lmao. Oops…

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