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I Made Fireboy and Watergirl but it’s 3D

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  1. That's cool, but I wanted to see actual 3D levels with all coordinates

  2. Since we now have a 3D fireboy and watergirl made, we could expand the concept further like a 3D version of FB&WG Elements.

  3. hah, theres no way they can do thathe actually entirely makes the game 3d…ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK JUST HAVE MY MONEY-

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  5. I played this game with my sister, I had a load of fun playing it, even though it had complex puzzles, I’m happy to see this fun little co-op platform game getting some recognition 😊

  6. Your voice sounds fake. Like someone recreated it with an ai

  7. Bro you're really good at this the editing, the whole game quality keep it up

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