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I ran out of video ideas (That BROTHER VS BOYFRIEND Video)

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Thanks so much to Sam and Wil for helping me get out of a creative block, i love you both.


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  1. The way Georgia said to Sam “ you just got owned by an 11 year old made me laugh so much 😂

  2. Hey Georgia are you going to do more PO Box unboxing? We would love to see!

  3. Great video Georgia ❤️, you look amazing 😱 and keep up the great work cause you are doing amazing ❤️, I have binged watched all of your videos from kindergarten part 3 to the og car vlog after seeing you on my fyp on tiktok last week 😊, I’m loving the videos and I can’t wait to see more great videos and content from you over the coming months ❤️and I’m currently watching lily’s yt videos aswell after I finished binging your videos and after I’m done binging her videos I’m going to listen to gee thanks, I can’t wait to hear it ❤️

  4. We need to see more of you three it is gold I could not stop laughing that whole time ♥️

    👇if you need more of this trio

  5. I vote cupboard who tf keeps there tomato sauce in fridge

  6. Once sauce is Opened IT GOES IN THE FRIDGE so it stays fresh and doesn’t go offffff. Says on the label ‘refrigerate after opening’!

  7. Condiments should be stored where the label tells you to store them 😉💚✌️

  8. I love gee thanks so friggen much. BUT I want another vodcast with Michelle

  9. Vid ideas
    : what parents are like at different ages of your life
    : the difference between the youngest and the oldest child
    :never have I ever ( with your sister )

  10. The part where wil kicked her in the face, I died! 😂

  11. The 10 minute sause talk is so Aussie 😂

  12. Is nobody gonna talk abt the fact that her yt name isn’t Georgia productions anymore 🙁

  13. Your little "brother" winky face IS A LEGIT COMEDIAN- I WAS CACKLING WHAAHAHAHH

  14. That was such a good video mate, love your comedian cousin.

  15. Will just the cutest thing omg!! Would love for him and sam to be in another video ❤️

  16. ur literally one of my favourite ytbers ur so funny and hilarious❤😂

  17. will has gotten so much older since that gingerbread house video!!! can't believe I've been watching for so long!

  18. Video idea! Types of people who shop at Kmart

  19. No Georgia, I’m with u on the sauce in the cupboard, like who tf puts it in the fridge?? Like tf

  20. Does anyone else ever see Millie Bobby brown and think of georgia sometimes?

  21. I’m sorry, have to agree with Sam here condiments in the fridge

  22. We need more of these two but each in their own videos

  23. Every time Will says slay I laugh for five minutes straight 🤣

  24. don't worry Georgia I keep my sauce in the cupboard too.

  25. who agrees that we need to see more of will because he’s fricking hilarious 😂

  26. Hey Georgia, i have some video ideas for you:
    > Reacting to 5 minute crafts
    >Another recipe out of movies
    >Reacting to another weird video
    >A skit of some sort
    > Lip syncing to a song
    >Tea with G

    these are just ideas, you don't have to use them xx

  27. Hey Georgia. Love the Australian videos. This video is good but I have a question. How many boyfriends do u have!?

  28. sᴀᴠᴀɴɴᴀʜ ʀʏᴀɴ☁︎︎☼ says:

    Not me thinking she was Millie Bobby Brown

  29. I support Georgia with her tomato sauce in the pantry 😂👍🏼🥰

  30. When I say I was cackling. I was cackling.

  31. I once did the tortilla challenge…My friend didn't realise she was supposed to get my cheek and instead got my nose. It hurt

  32. i love how these 2 r rlly close and then Lily and their other cousin r 2

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