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I speedrun Fireboy and Watergirl by myself to prove them wrong

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well this was interesting…

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My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. the green goo being leaf color and not fully fucking saturated is slightly terrifying and i love it

  2. This is such a nostalgia trip…
    Also, was I the only other person who tried to beat this game by myself?

  3. Well technically you didn't prove him wrong with the video since he only said you don't have anybody to speedrun with

  4. lol noob I've done this before you cuz my sisters never wants to play

  5. I used to play this game alone cuz I have no friends but I really liked it :')

  6. I used to play this game by myself because i understood it so well and my baby brother was a hinderance towards my playing oof. I was pretty ruthless

  7. the green water isnt water its acid
    (hydrofluoric acid?)

  8. Bruh I always played by myself and I actually thought you were supposed to

  9. I don't care about the video but what a coincidence that I have nearly the same name :/

  10. Jokes on you I was a GOD at playing this game by myself up until sophomore year of HS

  11. My pals in middle school and high school speedran it solo multiple times

  12. I used to play this with my mom 😀 it's a really nice game

  13. I like how he talked about time loss instead of time save. So like less of a speedrun and more of a "fast" run. xd

  14. Wait… you were supposed to play fire boy and watergirl with a friend. That makes so much sense

  15. is it possible to play this on two different devices online?

  16. I used to play this with my brother it's nostalgic

  17. And then there was me alone at home thinking it was just a two hand game

  18. You can't stop me at loving inverted controls

  19. Me: yo can you be water girl
    My brother: ew no why?
    Me: I no understand letter controls

  20. I alwayyys play this with my cousin when she came. And we never beat it XD i feel like i want to play again. Altho we are now busy students oof

  21. Olha, ali no fim tem um brasileiro recordista

  22. never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you!!!

  23. Noelle: You need a friend to speed run fire boy and water girl.
    EazySpeezy: Hold My Beer…
    Me: I have not once ever played fire boy and water girl with a friend.

  24. I didn’t know people speed ran this.

    And I always played this alone even if I had somone

  25. On the fourth level I jumped over the yellow wall thingy

  26. Wait… you need friends for this game!? All this time

  27. When you get "roasted" by someone and you make over 10 thousand dollars out of it

  28. wait this game wasnt supposed to be played by one person only???

  29. I remember as a kid, I asked my siblings where will they go after they go up the stairs???

    They sometimes answered, I don't know, probably the restroom.

    Classic memories : )

  30. Why do people come after you with such hostility?

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