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I Went From NOOB to HACKER in Fireboy & Watergirl!

Kindly Keyin
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I Went From NOOB to HACKER in Fireboy & Watergirl!

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  1. Keyin Go To who's your daddy please Go!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jacob's time (real life and gameing) says:

    I have fire boy and water girl 4

  3. I love your video and u make people happy and laugh every time you post and u make them want to subscribe to you because u are so awesome

  4. When I started playing this game,
    I knew you were going to play it eventually by looking at it.

    The tips of the branches/grooves are very hard for me.

  5. Hey kindley Keyin how is Seth doing can you make Another video with him

  6. Been watching you since 2018 on my moms yt account 😂

  7. I never thought he would play this game

  8. If you like this, black and white will be perfect for you! Love ur vids btw. You were the first person I subscribed to you! 🙂

  9. Keyin if I bought power up club after this season would I get the first volume

  10. Yooo keyin I haven't watched you in so long

  11. You should play Red and blue stick man 2

  12. Hi Kevin I’m your biggest fan and I also played this before with Juliana bituncur a YouTube

  13. I know this game my cousin and brother played it I played some levels oh and can you do another house tour Well because you have too kids now

  14. I remember this game I played it in 3rd grade with my friend Natee

  15. man i remember in centerys i use to play this with my sis

  16. I actually tried doing the level at the bottom right about the levels and fireboy not making the jump. I think I thought too much but I pushed the box from the lever into the water so that fire boy can jump onto it

  17. I used to play fire boy and fire girl with my brother in 2018-2019 or 2017 i honestly can't remember.
    But you did a great job!👍

  18. Kindlykeyin why can you not do Subway Surfers

  19. little did he know it was a multiplayer game

  20. I played this ever since I was in 1st grade now I'm in high school and seeing keyin playing this makes my heart smile and me remembering good childhood memories

  21. U do know u are supposed to play that game with 2 people right?

  22. Um act actually one player controls Fireboy and another player controls Watergirl

  23. LOL I remember playing this at the library yesterday-

  24. Try Fire Boy and Water Girl the elements


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