ITS SO TRUE?!?! #fireboy #watergirl #fireboyandwatergirl #elemental #elements -

ITS SO TRUE?!?! #fireboy #watergirl #fireboyandwatergirl #elemental #elements

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  1. I was born in 2013 but i always play that game with my brother??

  2. 1991 to 1998 kids:sharkboy and lava girl

  3. the fact that the water girl is a boy on the movie and the lava boy it's a girl on this movie too-

  4. I am 2011 liner but i used to play this game a lot and i still play it

  5. As an 2011 person dont judge but i have no idea what This is-

  6. Idk what is this movie or the game I think I weren't bron they

  7. It is not based on the game but it makes us remember it I was born in 2011 and when I was 4 I fell in love with the game

  8. Im 2012 and i played fire boy and water girl so no thats not true

  9. ok so i am a 2011 kid but i know that this is fireboy and watergirl just the genders are opposite

  10. The 1999 KID:i have 8 sons 3 wifes 2 jobs 1 bughatti

  11. I was born in 2014 and I still have nostalgia

  12. I am born in 2013 so I’m now confused cuz I remembered that game🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  13. I live in 2013 and I know about it 💀

  14. I was born in 2013 AND I LOVED THAT GAME 💀


  16. I'm from 2011, and I used to play with my cousin, good old days that never come back 🥺👽✨

  17. Ive played the fire boy and water girl game and I was born in 2012

  18. What I’m 12 born 2011 I used to play all the time

  19. As a 2011 kid, I can confirm that you’re wrong asf

  20. Im from 2011, and this game is literally my childhood

  21. As a kid who was born in 2010, I can say that fireboy and watergirl was my and my younger brother fav game, so many memories…

  22. My sister and i even know that game ( water boy and fire girl) and my sister was born on 2011☠️

  23. yay im JUST old enough to have played that (everyone in class was playing it so i thought why not)

  24. You meme 2012 kids I played watergirl and fire boy almost every day as a kid

  25. My childhood I remember playing on laptops

  26. fire boy and water girl-shark boy and lava girl- Elemental

  27. Cap 🧢 I was born in 2011 I played it all the time

  28. 2009 here i remember playing this😢

  29. I'm born in 2014 ,plus….
    Is not just a movie

  30. This just hits diffrent

    I played this so much as a kid

  31. As a 13 years old who was born in 2010 i can confirm this is nostalgic

  32. I am from 2011 and i remember The masterpiece of fireboy and watergirl but i hate elemental

  33. Used to play the heck of this game and now i just watched the movie 10/10 loved it , and i immediately came to yt to watch the game damn nostalgia really hits hard on this one memories unlocked

  34. as a 2010 kid i am officially balling my eyes out in my room

  35. Disney decided to swap the genders do they aint get copyrighted. Lol

  36. I still remember playing this with my brother when he's still alive

  37. I was born in 2011 and knew water boy and fire girl

  38. Nostalgia for those who played fire boy and water girl

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