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JackSucksAtLife plays Fireboy Watergirl on CoolMath Games

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  1. I used to play this in class when my teacher was to busy worrying about the idiotic kid making a really loud noise and he would be with them for the whole lesson. The good old days 😞

  2. POV: You are jack in maths class playing fireboy and watergirl

    Jack: But miss… it says cool MATH games

  3. I played this so much in ICT at primary school lol

  4. Day 215 of trying to be pin by my favourite youtuber.

  5. first thing I hear fire boy and firegirl LOL

  6. So weirded my friends were playing this on the school computers today

  7. 2 person game
    Me: 😐😐😐😬😬😑😐😬😬😐

  8. I used to play this with my brothers at home, and sometimes with friends at school, but mostly on my own at school, to be honest.

  9. Fireboy and watergirl what is this a sharkboy and lavagirl rip off

  10. This game was literally my childhood it brings back so much memories

  11. R.I.P. Fire and Water Girl and all the other games. F in the chat.

  12. being able to play this succesfully by myself was basically all my childhood worked towarfs


  14. Is it sad that I remember playing this in primary school but rip flash

  15. I remember playing this game on my own as a kid. "It's supposed to be played with two people" never stopped anyone.

  16. I would like but it's on 69 so I am legally obligated to not. Sorry

  17. this is the coolest math game ive ever seen

  18. Ahhh i remembered playing this in grade 2 brings back memories 😔

  19. Fireboy & Watergirl is the best game ever made

  20. That was one of my fav games but then I started playing Roblox and Minecraft I haven't played it in ages

  21. Too bad you can't play it anymore… R.I.P. Adobe Flash

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