Miniclip Ice Temple [FireBoy & WaterGirl] Level 28 Guide -

Miniclip Ice Temple [FireBoy & WaterGirl] Level 28 Guide

Alex Tan
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  1. Thank you sooo soooo soooo sooooo much mr or ms alex tan!!! Youre number 1 in my heart!

  2. Omg i really needed this, Ive been playing this at work with my coworker for the past three hours. Shes become uneasy. She has threatned to never play with me again. Thank you Alex Tan you saved my life

  3. me: elevator goes up without water girl…restart.

  4. esto me ayudo mucho porque había completado todos los niveles de este divertido juego y este era el único nivel faltan te

  5. graciaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. level 56 is really hard, Riddle School on riddleschoolgame com has to work hard

  7. My cousin linked me to hudgames so I could find some games to play, now I’m in love with fireboy and watergirl on this site. Such an amazing game.

  8. i used to play this when i was younger, as most of us did, and i only just recently realized that Fireboy and Watergirl hudgames is a two player game

  9. omg i finaly know how to pass some levels i dont know. Fireboy and Watergirl game on hudgames so interesting

  10. Thanks bro I was unable to solve this level ❤️❤️

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