Miniclip Ice Temple [FireBoy & WaterGirl] Level 35 Guide -

Miniclip Ice Temple [FireBoy & WaterGirl] Level 35 Guide

Alex Tan
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  1. Dear god this one racked my brains! I couldn't figure out that you had to leave the green platforms off to get that lever right next to all the ice where neither of them could jump! What an irritating game mechanic….

  2. Thanks! I managed to finish the game because of you, good luck with the channel!

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  5. Man this game used to be the game to play in my school and people would constantly play in pairs. That's how I got so good at playing with two hands. Fireboy and Watergirl on hudgame is great game

  6. Fun game. recall the controls being a little easier in . the first one, but was nice to play through. Fireboy and Watergirl game on hudgames is great. Thanks!

  7. ¡Muchas! pero ¡muchaaaaaaaaaas! G}gracias me ayudaste a superar este nivel difícil

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