NO MORE LADYDOOR - Dan and Phil play: Fireboy and Watergirl #2! -

NO MORE LADYDOOR – Dan and Phil play: Fireboy and Watergirl #2!

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We try to get that fireylad and moistlady through those gender doors. How do we ruin everything?
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  2. Give up on riddleschoolgame com took an hour and a half of my time just to tell me i'm stubborn! Thanks game my Mom coulda told you that.

  3. I'm new to this Chanel your really good at this game

  4. He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    Lady door

  5. No wonder why fireboy and watergirl on hudgames received positive reviews, I tried the game once and still play it until now.

  6. I’m home alone so you know what that means: time to watch Dan and Phil videos without headphones and give my poor ears a break

  7. It takes time, when it loads, but I love it very much I can't take off my eyes while playing Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Unblocked on hudgames. I play on hudgames

  8. I love Fireboy and Watergirl 2. I love the Dark levels on hudgames.

  9. Phil: enter my female exit
    Dan: laughs
    Phil: I’m sorry I tried to use a different wor-
    Dan: you were trying to euphemise it-
    Phil: and it didn’t work laughs
    Dan: and you said FEMALE EXIT
    Phil: laughs

  10. The school I go to it’s just one big school

  11. Is it just me and my dying phone, or is this video a bit staticy?

  12. Game: Claims you need two players.

    Actual requirements: 1-2

  13. Me and my friend Aiden where playing in gym class somehow we didn’t get in trouble

  14. Dan, an intellectual: Y'alls know what I meaneth

  15. Hmmm, is that a Steven Universe shirt I see Phil wearing?

  16. F E M A L E E X I T ?
    Phil, what are you doing to this game and channel?

  17. That fact that this has 69,000 likes and 469 dislikes is very poetic in a way

  18. pre school (ages 3-4) elementary school (ages 5-11) middle school=junior high (11-14) high school (14-18)

  19. 📱👧😂👨👨. I'm on my phone laughing at you guys

  20. Dan screaming just gets me laughing every time hahaha

  21. Lindsy XD "We've not all got back up friends, Lindsy!"

  22. Phil: “I was trying not to say it!” Dan: “So you said FEMALE EXIT?!?!?!?”

  23. When Phil said “Hey Siri” in a high pitch voice it made my Siri turn on 😂

  24. i want some toast
    yknow what would make this situation better?

    t o a s t

  25. american schools 101 (since it was a topic from the beginning and mentioned throughout):
    pre-school: age 4 (some communities might let school happen from age 2-3)
    kindergarten: age 5-6
    keep in mind a lot of elementary schools have kindergarten in them, but they are almost a separate entity. some kindergarten classes are only half the day, while others can be full days. it depends on the state and school district
    elementary: age 6-11
    middle school and junior high are the same, it depends on the place what is used: age 11-14
    high school: age 14-18
    the ages depend on when your bday is. i’m a summer bday, so i’ll obvs never turn 18 in high school, but that has been your basic lesson on american schools

  26. of all the things i expected to break me in this video (namely 'female exit'), dan singing 'jigglypuff' has reduced me to genuine tears, i've replayed it three times, help me, please, i'm choking on a strawberry

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