Nostalgia 👏🥹 (why did disney swap their genders 😭) #disney #elemental #fireboy #watergirl -

Nostalgia 👏🥹 (why did disney swap their genders 😭) #disney #elemental #fireboy #watergirl

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  1. Ok guys I might be a bit late to comment on this but I made this on my 8 hour trip back from Disneyland Paris 😅

  2. Yeah I used to know know these guys confused why they changed the genders

  3. Me:oh ye just movie
    *go to play games on computer
    Me:wait a sec
    Me:now I know!
    I olmost game that maked my childhood

  4. They shoupd got checking the game before they rip off it

  5. I have a suspicion that they're, both trans are something

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