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Pixar’s Elemental FIRST LOOK Revealed!

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Disney Pixar’s Elemental is their upcoming movie. Revealed at D23 Expo is a new Elemental sneak peek, poster, and even concept art that shows Elemental’s main city. In a setup very reminiscent of CoolMathGames’ Fireboy and Watergirl, will Elemental be worth watching?


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  1. Water guy is always wet
    Fire girl, has a quick temper
    Makes both sense

  2. So, they making steam kid?
    As a love child?

  3. Is it me or that blue guy look like ozzy from Ozzy & Drix/Osmosis Jones

  4. Fire and water hook up to make steam babies! And Water and earth hook up to make mud babies!

  5. What a travesty. There’s no earth, ice, lightning, or whatever Lloyd’s powers are.

  6. Can’t believe they’re finally making a movie based on Fireboy and Watergirl: Elements

  7. Back in my day I use to play fire boy and water girl with my siblings and we would use the same pc but use different controls 👴🏻

  8. they look kinda ugly ,they look better in the 2d sketches

  9. I can tell that there is gonna be alot of artwork on the fire girl

  10. Looks Like A Knockoff Of Fireboy And Watergirl.

  11. Can't wait to see the movie next year but first…?
    "cracks knuckles"
    I need to kick the asses of every Osomosis Jones fanboy on EARTH!..

  12. Yes, let's have the fire people live near the plant people. Great idea.

  13. i want to watch elementel 💦🍃🔥💨⚡️🪨🪵❄️

  14. Wade looks so good! They animated the water perfectly! It’s so realistic!

  15. Imagine if the villains were void and shadows. You know, how most games/stories involving "fire-water-earth-air" elements, there's usually something pertaining to darkness and light also being part of the group. Like, the villains could be that they wish to consume everything or the other elements. Snuff out the fire. Dry out the water. Make the air a breathless vacuum. Turn the earth into dust that is impossible to traverse or blows away to where there is no land – just…dust.

  16. Genderswapped, or something?

  17. Animation is beautiful but it looks like it's going to be a cliche film exploring characters that learn from each other in a big new world with quirky shenanigans.

  18. Honestly I'd wish there was a fireboy and water girl movie or some sort

  19. Cool math games got big recently
    Now they got a movie of Watergirl and Fire boy

  20. Don’t worry guys, they just make cobblestone.

  21. Played that game all my years of school😅

  22. I hope it's better than Lightyear and hopefully not too woke like Lightyear. But at least Bob Chapek is getting rid of the political and ideological agenda out of Disney even though it takes time.

  23. Pixar could made a live action film a lot of cgi elements and it will still look good.

  24. Do you know what I would love to see? A Pixar movie where the male main character is just badass and cool, the whole way through. I know being akward and goofy is more relatable but I'm kind of over it at this point. I would love to see a Pixar movie were the hot girl ends up with a guy who is equally as hot and confident as her, who doesn't go through some jerk phase or something.

  25. This will be an interesting challenge for Rule 34 artists.

  26. Elemental might be the representation I've been looking for. I'm an African American, and most people have been shunning me because I'm primarily and mainly attracted to Caucasians. I've never seen good representation of Interracial couples, but thx to Pixar's next film, it's about to change

  27. Jokes aside, I like this concept. It seems fun.

  28. This movie is giving Me insideout mixed with monsters inc vibes

  29. Im so glad the water guy's name is Wade like Wade In the Water

  30. If the villain is some sort of green slime,,, I swear to god…..

  31. This seems like a good one! Hopefully I can see it in theaters!

  32. Cool Math Games players are eating good tonight

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