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Pixar’s Elemental FIRST LOOK Revealed!

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Disney Pixar’s Elemental is their upcoming movie. Revealed at D23 Expo is a new Elemental sneak peek, poster, and even concept art that shows Elemental’s main city. In a setup very reminiscent of CoolMathGames’ Fireboy and Watergirl, will Elemental be worth watching?


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  1. 1:37 This happened in Adventure Time, with Finn and Flame Princess.

  2. I was literally just thinking of how they should reverse the genders because of this game

  3. You said cool math games…and I felt so calm

  4. make the blue water character dude some street smart man he looks a little dweeby.

  5. Any sapient entity, meaning having a human-level intelligence and consciousness, is a person, even if they are not a human. Sapience is often confused with sentience, meaning an entity with the ability to perceive its own thoughts and feelings. The androids from Detroit Become Human or the gems from Steven Universe would be people despite not being human.

    TL;DR The elementals aren't humans, but they are people.

  6. I'm curious how people are going to try and shoehorn this into the Pixar theory

    AMBER AND WAVE!…. Can't wait to see the if this duo will be as good as the previous two

  8. I’m excited for this movie by how it looks so far

  9. I hate to say it but there's going to be so much… art… of Ember

  10. Elements | Will they seal their fates? says:

    Sooooooooooooooo……I'm making an animated show called Elements…..Would anyone want to hear about this at all?

  11. Disney/Pixar to Warner Bros : Hey can I copy your homework? This character, Osmosis Jones is so cool.

    Warner Bros. : Sure, just change it enough to make it not seem the same.

    Disney/Pixar : Yeahhhh boi, we got our nerdy water character. 😎

  12. im so happy for Fire"boy" and Water"girl"'s transition

  13. Cant relate to them. I'm not made of fire so it sucks.

  14. I feel like this movie might be interesting in a way where the concept of this forces the writers to not be lazy and focus a lot on making these characters emotions stories and connections all extremely detailed and deep.

  15. Looks intriguing. With Disney pouring out these uninspired shameless remakes of their beloved classics Orginal ideas from Pixar that are inherently unique to animation is precisely what the company needs to offer to keep things fresh.

  16. im real glad that fireboy and watergirl's transition went well

  17. But everything changed when the fire people attacked

  18. I'm scared, help me 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🥺🥺😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  19. Reminds me of Rogue and Bobby's relationship from X-Men

  20. Fireboy and Water Girl…..I played the first game in that franchise once or twice as a child, It was forgetable infact i only Remembered it when i saw it shown in this video

  21. Here's hoping Pixar doesn't get sued by Coolmath Games for copyright infringement.

  22. that water guy looks like that old cartoon character osmosis jones lol

  23. After seeing Wall-E, MY TOP PIXAR MOVIE OF ALL TIME, AND WHAT GOT ME INTO ROMANCE MOVIES, I can’t wait for another one

  24. It's gonna be another 👍 pixar movie im excited I can't remember 1 bad movie they made shure there were some movies like the good dinosaur brave cars 2 but still I can't call them 👎 movies there at best okay

  25. I follow coolmath games and they aren’t happy that Disney did this

    But I just hope they make it great and not terrible like the others. (Because Fan theories went too far. Close to be canon and it bothers me)

  26. I’m really hyped for this movie

  27. Am i the only one who thinks Wade looks like Osmosis Jones?

  28. I have friends that play Fireboy and Watergirl every day. I’m not even kidding.

  29. I am so grateful that Pixar is still making original movies. Soul, Luca, Turning Red, Elemental and Elio. I hope that they keep making originals forever

  30. I personally think this is a good movie in where Pixar looks back at its old roots

  31. Who hasn’t played cool math games growing up?

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