The Sound Of Your Fear /s l o w e d (Watergirl Fireboy song) -

The Sound Of Your Fear /s l o w e d (Watergirl Fireboy song)

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TikTokta bu müzik çok aranıyordu Ateş ve su oyunundan gelme falan diyorlardı bende müziği buldum kimse slowedini yapmamış ben yapayım dedim ehe

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  1. please make it 10 hours. this song is very relaxing. for me, at least. i could easily fall asleep with this

  2. This song feels like walking out really late and there’s eyes everywhere looking at you and your/my monster is chasing after you and is trying to kill you

  3. Ses çok güzel ama slowed hali çok ürkütücü bi vibe veriyor.

  4. Me: I don't wanna workout today, maybe tomorrow 😣😖
    Hearing this song

  5. This song is based on a true story two little kids who tried to escape a dungeon until they were forced to commit die there names were Finn and Wendy

  6. I feel so bad for chiaki. Especially in the game. So innocent

  7. May i ask what version of fireboy/watergirl this song is in? i only remember playing the first game..

  8. I think this is a different iteration of the forest temple’s theme?
    anyone else?

  9. the song like that is more terrifying than the original

  10. I think its haunted cause i watch this then put this video in 1.5x speed and then i delete this and go to other vieo like this but mo slowed and it glitched this picture with glitching thingy on top………

  11. Scary fact: if you run around your house at 3 am screaming Reddit memes at the top of your lungs a strange figure named: “Big Chungus” will throw a carrot at you and you will wake up in a strange place called: “Redditor’s basement.”

  12. Ateş ve Su daki sesin hızlandırılmış hâli

  13. Beyler bu ateş ve su müzigi degil ben tüm soundtracklarinı araştırdım hiç bi oyununda bile yok

  14. El profe de mate viendo como 1+1
    me dio 1.723.993 :

  15. I have been researching this for 30 minutes straight, i can confirm, this isnt a fireboy and watergurl soundtrack

  16. and people don't even know how and where this melody came from

  17. Мне чёт напоминает о доки доки литературный клуб
    О 2 лайка рекорд 😸✌️


  19. İster oyun olsun olmasın müzik güzelmi güzel aga 🤙🖤

  20. Put it next to ur ears like ur on a call get the creeps inside of u😭

  21. The music makes me wanna get sick all day watching scary movie videos in YouTube tv I’m alone in the room! so my dads here my siblings are here too same! After thanksgiving the horror movie comes out tonight at theaters just wondered

  22. Guys hear it at 0.75x idk why buttt I love it !

    U guys try it out!!!

    It’s like a alowed horror edit!

    This song is cool but imagine hearing this at midnight when the lights r offed and there is no disturbance—damn the creeps!!!

  23. Arkadaşlar bazı kişiler şarkı ateş ve su oyunun son bölümünden diyor bazı kişilerde değil diyor pekte bi fikrim yok şarkıyı ttde birisinin yaptığını gördüm

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