This brings back memories #watergirl #fireboy #watergirlandfireboy #viral #youtube #shorts -

This brings back memories #watergirl #fireboy #watergirlandfireboy #viral #youtube #shorts

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  1. I remember playing this with my sister I’m 2007

  2. this reminds me of my guy friend who showed me this game literally a few months ago… he was born in 08 so I guess that checks out…?

  3. Speedrun fireboy and wafergirl with my friend

  4. I still play the games till this day 😭

  5. Let’s switch the genders

  6. It’s basically the game but it is gender swapped and 3-D

  7. i hate that they changed the gender tho 😢 The normal one was better this game got famous that they made a movie about it I actually still have that game on my computer i js hope that i can open it😅

  8. How but im 2015 an i know this game/movie😳😳

  9. I remember that game I miss it a lock😢😭

  10. 2010 here and I have no idea what this game is, but dang this trend is getting annoying

  11. Mình chỉ thích trai nước và cô gái lửa thôi ❤

  12. ⚉ Monkey's Investigational Organisation ⚇ says:

    They just had to ruin it

  13. Fireboy and water gril: 2000-2023

  14. Dumbo 2015 and above up to 2020 is the 2000🤦🏼‍♀️

  15. 🗣️: they’re not the same people
    1. The genders are swapped
    2. Copyright reasons
    3. Its a love story

  16. Guys, I remember seeing this game everywhere in online game sites and I was like “this must be another boring game”. I tried playing it now but it wont download. Pls explain it to me 😢

  17. The game is not related kind the fire is a boy and the water is a girl

  18. I'm from 2009 and I'm already crying thinking about it, it was part of my entire childhood! 😢

  19. As a 2000s child i can comfirm i didnt not know this game but after seeing this trend 10000 times i mnkw what the game is now

  20. To the people who still play fire boy and water girl to this day❤❤❤❤❤ 2011 child right here

  21. What is water girl and fire boy I never heard of it

  22. Game:fire boy and water girl
    Movie:fire girl and water boy

  23. 2023 kids cannot even talk how are they saying this stuff

  24. My mom and me and my brother and my roommate we are going to whch it on stayday

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