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Watergirl and Fireboy, Stickman Animation – EP1

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Animation vs Fireboy and Watergirl – Stickman Animation.

A new animation video about Fireboy and Watergirl. enjoy it.

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Inspired by Alan Becker. Really Thanks.



  1. Esto es un alan becker vercion otro canal

  2. Oh my god this is just like Alan, it’s perfect like 70% perfect.

  3. I play fireboy and watergirl so when I saw this I was like…waiiiiit a sec they do thiiiiiiiis omg I have to watch this

  4. ah yes! i'll say, it's very very nice! the idea's creative, but i have a few parts that might just be me being a bit picky abt the animations. the beginning's just the beginning of avm, and i understand if u didn't have any ideas, but idk man, that didnt sit too well with me. and i understand if ur a beginner animator, but the animation doesn't have the same "expressive" feel as alan's animations. some scenes are a bit stiff, and other than that, i enjoy the concept! well done, well done!

  5. Woah, i tought this was Alan for a moment, good job!
    Also, i love the fact that blue and red were the protagonists (cuz you know, fire is red and water is blue)

  6. What app u use and what is ur using mobile or pc

  7. This video was amazing! I remember me and my best friend would watch your videos all day long! Watching these videos gives me that nostalgic feeling! Keep up the great work!

  8. You are mininum alan becker's twin brother

  9. Круто, похоже на анимации Алана

  10. does anyone besides me still remember this game?

  11. Copion por qué le copiaste a Alan beker se que es 9tro juego pero devotos modos

  12. When u see 1$ animation vs minecraft Alan becker lol

  13. Вы мне только попались и я сразу подписалась

  14. Anyone here which tell me how i make these types videos stickman

  15. Zerba Xhosa Dolci Mecrimie Giapponese Helegherese says:



    Cinese (Cina)

    Cinese (Taiwan)



    Filastrocche Vilestreccha

    Filertsarte Vueasky












    Spagnolo (generati automaticamente)

  16. I was shocked by the comments, I also watch alan becker's animation. he is a great animator. at the same time, he created the AlanBeckerTutorials channel and made an animation course to teach people how to make animation like him, he also created a playlist to collect fan-made animations, he even sent emails to encourage fans who made animation. he is a really generous and good guy. but below this video, I saw some "fake alan becker", they just like jealous clowns, have nothing except a keyboard.

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