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What if fireboy and watergirl were SWAPPED?!?!

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  1. Bro fire boy is now a girl and water girl is now a boy😰

  2. If I had a dollar for every comment that said Elemental, I'd have 60 bucks

  3. Bro looks like character from elemental💀

  4. What if fire boy and water girl were swapped

  5. Disney Really Be Copying our Childhood

  6. Willy Weasel’s Fan And Terry Studios 2023 says:

    Just Like Wade And Ember From Elemental

  7. Nah they don’t look swapped they just look like they got a haircut

    Wade & Ember!

  9. That’s just the new Knockoff, ✨E L E M E N T A L ✨

  10. Pov : disney making elements water boy and fire girl by just straight up ripping off the character and swap gender which i almost realized this is a ripoff of fireboy and water girl

  11. Game:you can't mix fire and water
    I wasn't taking about the name the game says in the game
    the game is actually fireboy and watwrgirl

  12. It’s Pixar’s elementals. And 3ED 🥉 COMMENT!

  13. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean you should..

  14. Nostalgia….I remember this game and it was so fun.

  15. Person: what is water girl and fire boy swap? Me: don’t we already have wade and ember

  16. If they Swapped, The Elemental Gender Trend would be Ruined

  17. i like your art good job i am surprised i actually really like it

  18. Its The fire boy and water girl vs the knockoff and switch gender vs aka elemental movie

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