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when Disney rips off fireboy and water girl 不

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lol moment


  1. Im honestly kind of pissed off how oblivious Pixar is or pretends to be

  2. Their transformation went so well they changed genders

  3. I love how the person behind the cool math games account acts and talks like a regular dude rather than some 1-message-1-personality company


  5. Disney wants everybody to switch genders. The amount of writers and other people at disney that have been arrested for messing with minors and other shit is disturbing.

  6. Best movie Disney 2023 when no have LGBT

  7. Its really not a new thing/concept to personify elements especially on the internet. Ive seen many renditions of the fire girl x water boy) concept all over art forums such as DA and other platforms done by artists. Its not a new concept, so yeah just letting u know. Also, this was done by Pixar, not Disney, they only provided the necessities to help its production.

  8. "No i have nothing to do with this movie I'm just mooching on the marketing"-coolmath games

  9. WHYYY is it waterboy and fire girl its supposed to be fire boy and water girl like yall had ONE JOBBBBB

  10. So nobody gonna talk about how cool math games commented on the tweet

  11. Similar =/= rip off, also, Disney didn't make the movie, they only distributed it, Pixar made the film. And another thing, how would they set out to rip off something when they likely never heard of the thing in the first place?Your logic is flawed

  12. Bro they switch genders fire boy is now fire girl water girl is now water boy!

  13. Lol the girl is water on the game but on the movie is fire

  14. The genderswap宅ideo game movies am I right?

    Im joking about the video game movie part Ik Elemental isnt on Fireboy and Watergirl and video game movies nowadays are fine so dont attack me

  15. *Shark boy and lava girl both left the chat*

  16. Shut the f*ck up nobody care of ripp off pixar os so f*cking close you goofy ahh laughing

  17. Yeah but I think Disneys ripoff looks a little bit better than that. Just fax. You cant look at me straight in the eyes and tell me that lava girl and water boy or whatever looks better than that.

  18. Firegirl and Waterboy sounds natural, more than Fireboy and Watergirl

  19. why the hell is this getting so popular tysm everyone

  20. Idk, movie looks alright to me, people are kinda overreacting.

  21. They also Ruined the Elemental Gender Trend where Fire is Male and Water is Female

  22. I like how cool math had to put that disclaimer

  23. The fact that no one is saying how the switched them around

  24. I played this game a very long time ago it brings back memories

  25. Ugh I dont like Disney for making this garbage..I would prefer the game..

  26. Guys have you not notice
    That fire boy is water boy in the movie and water girl is fire girl
    Its reverse

  27. The fact the game has got deleted… or I'm just stupid

  28. The nostalgia hits so hard they swapped genders.

  29. I wouldn't be as horny with a water girl 攻

  30. I remembered playing fireboy and water girl games man this brings back memories

  31. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    Not only that but the plot itself is also very unoriginal

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